• -Please use the following log to keep track of the work you do at home: BSI Work Log

    -Here is your 2nd grade sight word list.  You will need it for many of your assignments! 2nd Grade Sight Word List

    -Feel free to keep all of your work in a notebook, journal, or on separate sheets of paper.

    -I will be posting daily read alouds - feel free to watch and listen! Mrs. Tallman's Read Alouds

    -Click here for your sight word board game and the rules (which you will need for this week's "game day"): Sight Word Game & Rules


    Week 2 (March 23-27):

    *Work towards your lexia goal this week!


    Day 1-

    -Pick 3 sight words from your list and use them in complete sentences sentences.

     -Go on Learning Ally or RAZ kids and read a fiction book. As you read, think about the character(s).  When you are done, please tell a family member or write about the following: Who is your favorite character and why?


    Day 2-

    -Review short vowel protectors: -tch, and ch. The vowel protector tch makes the sound /ch/ and is spelled with -tch after a short vowel at the end of a one syllable word. The digraph /ch/ can be in the beginning, middle or end of a word.

    -Write 2 words that end in -tch and 2 words that end in -ch (4 words total)

    -Use 2 of your words in a sentence.

    -Re-read the book you read yesterday.  As you re-read, be sure to read smoothly with fluency and expression.  When you are done, please tell a family member or write about the following: What questions do you have for the author? Please create 5 questions.


    Day 3-

    -Vowel Team Review! You have learned about vowel teams over these last few weeks (ai/ay, oa/ow).

    -Please write 1 word for each of the above vowel teams (4 words total).

    -Use each word in a sentence

    -Go on https://www.storylineonline.net/library/ and choose a book to have read aloud to you. When you are done, think about the following: How would you react if you were in the same situation as the character? Please have a discussion with a family member about this.


    Day 4- GAME DAY!

    Play the "sight word game" with a family member! Remember, you must read the word before you do the “action.” HAVE FUN!

    The rules and the game board are at the top of this page

    If you’d rather play “pig!” again, that’s fine :)