• Welcome to Mr. Ngo's Online Physical Education Class

    Essential Questions

    Why is it important to keep active throughout your lifetime?

    What physical activities can you do by yourself?



    Although we cannot be together in the gym it is very important that you know that I still care about your health and physical activity.  You just have to be a little creative and make sure that you are having fun.

    I will be providing you a list of fun videos and exercises that will keep you physically active.  A minimum of 20 minutes of physical exercise/activity is all you will need to be physically, emotionally, and mentally well.  If you start to feel any discomfort or pain please stop and tell a trusted adult.

    You can choose from the following activities or even create your own!

    • Volley a balloon -  If you do not have a latex allergy and have a balloon this could be fun for you and a partner.   Blow up the balloon and tap the balloon back and forth so that it doesn't fall to the ground.   See how many volleys you and your partner can do in a row without it falling.   Challenge yourself to get better each time you do it!!! (working on your volleying skills)
    • Roll for points -   one partner is standing with feet shoulder width apart.  The other person has a soft ball to roll throw the legs of the other person.  Each ball that goes through the legs is a point.  Then switch positions.  Make sure when you roll to have your opposite foot forward.  (working on rolling skills) 
    • Throw and catch - with permission from your guardian and in a safe space - throw and catch a soft ball or even a stuffed animal with a partner.   Work on stepping with the opposite foot.  You can throw underhand or overhand.   (working on your throwing and catching skills)
    • Create a exercise routine- Jogging, Jumping Jacks, Sit-ups, Skipping, Push-Ups, and anything else your creative mind can think of.


    Below are some videos that you may also enjoy:

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