• Throughout our home instruction time, I'll be filming myself reading aloud!

    If there's a book you'd like me to read, please email me (atallman@npsdnj.org) and I can check if I have it at home! :)

    Week 1: March 16-20

    Elmer, By: David McKee: Elmer Read Aloud

    Imogene's Antlers, By: David Small: Imogene's Antlers Read Aloud

    Lend Me Your Wings, By: John Agard: Lend Me Your Wings Read Aloud My daugher Chelsea joins the room a few minutes into the video! She even gets upset with me for finishing her snack.  I thought she was done with it! :) 

    If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, By: Laura Joffe Numeroff: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Read Aloud

    Wemberly Worried, By: Kevin Henkes: Wemberly Worried Read Aloud


    Week 2: March 23-27

    Rosie Revere, Engineer, By: Andrea Beaty: Rosie Revere, Engineer Read Aloud

    Froggy Goes To The Doctor, By: Jonathan London: Froggy goes to the Doctor Read Aloud 

    You Will Be My Friend!, By: Peter Brown: You Will Be My Friend Read Aloud

    Duck On A Bike, By: David Shannon:Duck On A Bike Read Aloud

    Little Pea, By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal: Little Pea Read Aloud


    Week 3 (March 30-April 3): 

    This week, my daughter (Chelsea) joins some of the videos!

    Who Eats Orange?, By: Dianne White: Who Eats Orange? Read Aloud

    Caps for Sale, By: Esphyr Slobodkina: Caps for Sale Read Aloud

    Steam Train, Dream Train, By: Sherri Duskey Rinker: Steam Train, Dream Train Read Aloud ~ This is a great story to listen to at bedtime!

    Rainbow Fish to the Rescue, By: Marcus Pfister: Rainbow Fish to the Rescue Read Aloud

    Violet the Pilot, By: Steve Breen: Violet the Pilot Read Aloud


    Week 4 (April 6- 9):

    This week and next week, I'll be reading aloud nonfiction books.  Richard (from Mrs. Artale's class) requested a book on dolphins and ocean life. Students from Mrs. Witham's class requested books about weather, animals, space, and ocean life.  This week, we'll read about dolphins and weather.  Next week, we'll read about spiders and space!

    Look out for Dolphins, By:Liane B. Onish: Look out for Dolphins Read Aloud

    The next 3 read alouds will all be from the same National Geographic book called "Storms."  This book is divided up into many different sections. 

    Storms, Day 1 (Introduction to weather, thunder & lightning): Storms Part 1

    Storms, Day 2 (Hailstorm, tornado, sandstorm): Storms Part 2

    Storms, Day 3 (Blizzard, monsoon, hurricane): Storms Part 3


    Week 5 (April 14-17)

    This week, we are reading fiction instead. Next week, we'll switch back to nonfiction for a few weeks and I'll read books on space and animals (as promised!) Many first graders are working on book reports this week and you'll be asked to think about your favorite parts.  As you listen to my read alouds this week, please think about which part(s) you like best and why.

    Click Clack Moo, By: Doreen Cronin: Click Clack Moo Read Aloud

    Library Mouse, By: Daniel Kirk: Library Mouse Read Aloud

    Harry the Dirty Dog, By: Gene Zion: Harry the Dirty Dog Read Aloud

    Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, By: Kevin Henkes: Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse Read Aloud


    Week 6 (April 20-24)

    This week and next week, we'll be reading nonfiction.  This week's book is all about planets and our solar system - a request from Addie (in Mrs. Artale's class)!

    Planets, Day 1: Day 1

    Planets, Day 2: Day 2

    Planets, Day 3: Day 3

    Planets, Day 4:Day 4

    Take the quiz!: Click here to view the quiz from the book: Space Quiz This quiz is just for fun! When you are done, watch the following video to go over the answers: Quiz Answers Video


    Week 7 (April 27-May 1)

    This week, we'll read all about spiders.  Many first graders requested a book about animals! Also, I know that many 1st graders are also working on nonfiction animal reports.  Is anyone studying spiders?! If yes, maybe you can use this book to help you research. If not, don't worry! Enjoy this book about spiders and practice your nonfiction reading skills.  Enjoy!  

    Spiders, Day 1: Day 1

    Spiders, Day 2: Day 2

    Spiders, Day 3: Day 3

    Spiders, Day 4: Day 4

    Spiders, Day 5: Day 5


    Week 8 (May 4-8)

    Before you read these books, I made some special videos for you! Click here: Special Announcement!

    We'll begin this week by reading 2 persuasive texts, which will support the work you may be doing with your persuasive writing pieces.  For both stories, please be on the lookout for what the writer wants and what reasons they provide.  Then, think to yourself: are these reasons convincing?

    Monday: Hey Little Ant

    Tuesday: The Day the Crayons Quit

    *I had to record this in 2 parts because Chelsea needed my help!

    Video 1

    Video 2

    For the rest of the week, we'll explore different types of nonfiction. First, we'll read an E-book.  Then, we'll read from a website called Pebble Go.  If you're interested in accessing this website, please use the following credentials (username: engaged; password: learning).  Finally, we'll read an article!

    Wednesday: Busy, Buzzy Bees (E-Book)

    Thursday: All about Squirrels (Pebble Go)

    Friday: Super Animal Senses (Article)


    Week 9 & 10 & 11:
    Please click here to hear our next read aloud, a chapter book called The Case of the April Fool's Frogs. There will be one chapter for each day of the week! When the book is done, you'll have a chance to write a letter to the author. This is an optional activity! :)

    April Fool's Frogs Read Aloud!


    Week 12 & 13: 

    Please enjoy a virtual read aloud from Storyline Online: Storyline Online

    You can also re-listen to any of my read alouds from the last few months! 

    I'll be reaching out to parents soon to schedule whole class read alouds for the 1st grade - be on the lookout! :) This is completely optional, and it will take place during the last week of school.