• This Week!  

    Mystery Science: What Do Magnets Do? 
    In this Mystery, students will explore the surprising properties of magnets and experiment with an invisible force that acts at a distance. In the activity, Magnet Discovery, students use ring magnets and common objects to discover the push and pull of magnets and how magnets attract certain types of metals.

    Review Our Bridge Building Work! VIDEO
    Mystery Science: What Makes Bridges so Strong?
     In this Mystery, students will learn about real-life bridge design. In the activity, Paper Bridge Engineering, students will use their knowledge of forces to build a strong bridge that supports as many pennies as possible -- using only paper.

    Try Out Some Bridge Building Techniques Here! 
    Gumdrops & Toothpicks 

    If you don’t have gumdrops at your house, try using playdough, partly cooked beans, or mini-marshmallows!  Be creative...and make sure you ask your parents’ permission first!  

    Here are some photos of Mrs. Salsberry trying it out!  Send me pictures if you try it at your house! 

    Play dough      Toothpicks      Triangle

    Square      Square 2      Triangle Truss

    Finally, are you a fan of Lego Masters on tv?  

    Season 1, Episode 6 features bridge building!  Can you spot arch bridges, trusses, and pillar bridges?  
    How many pounds do you think the lego bridges will hold?  

    Coming Next Week! 

    Mystery Science: How Can You Unlock a Door Using a Magnet? In this Mystery, students investigate magnetic attraction and repulsion. In the activity, Invent a Magnetic Lock, students apply their scientific ideas about magnets to create a useful product: a magnetic lock that can open a paper door. Students engage in the engineering design process to test and improve their designs.