• -Please use the following log to keep track of the work you do at home: BSI Work Log

    -Here is your 2nd grade sight word list.  You will need it for many of your assignments! 2nd Grade Sight Word List

    -Feel free to keep all of your work in a notebook, journal, or on separate sheets of paper.

    -I will be posting daily read alouds - feel free to watch and listen! Mrs. Tallman's Read Alouds

    Week 1: (March 16-20)

    *Work towards your Lexia goal this week!

    Day 1- 

    -Pick 3 sight words from your list (click on the link above) and use them in complete sentences sentences.

    -Go on Learning Ally or RAZ kids and read a fiction book. As you read, think about the character.  What trait(s) are they showing? What is your evidence? Please tell a family member or write about the main character from your book, what trait(s) they are showing, and how you know.


    Day 2-

    -FSZL Review: Double f, s, z, and l after a short vowel at the end of a one-syllable word.

    -Write 2 words that end in -ff, -ss, -zz, and -ll (8 words total).

    -Pick 3 of these words to use in sentences.

    -Re-read the book you read yesterday.  As you re-read, be sure to read smoothly with fluency and expression.  When you are done, please tell a family member or write about the following: Did you like or dislike the book? Why?


    Day 3-

    -Review short vowel protectors: -ge, -dge. The /j/ sound is spelled with -dge after a short vowel at the end of a one syllable word. The /j/ sound is spelled -ge when there is a long vowel at the end of a word.

    -Write 2 words that end in -ge and 2 words that end in -dge (4 words total).

    -Use each of your words in a sentence.

    -Go on https://www.storylineonline.net/library/ and choose a book to have read aloud to you. When you are done, think about the problem. What was it? Was there more than 1 problem? Please have a discussion with a family member about this story and the problem.


    Day 4- GAME DAY!

    I know how much you guys love to play literacy games! Today, you’ll get to make and play “Pig” with a family member.  First, you’ll need to work with a family member to write all of your sight words on popsicle sticks (use the sight word list at the top of this page). If you don’t have any at home, you can also write them on small pieces of paper, index cards, etc.  Don’t forget to write the word “pig” (or another fun word of your choice) on a bunch of them. You know the rules - show a family member how to play!