• Dear 5th graders, 

    This message is for all of my 5th grade friends (the students I work with in my room AND the students I work with in their classrooms).  As you work on ELA assignments at home, please feel free to share them with me in Google Drive. Just like how I support you in your classrooms in ELA, I will continue to do so as you work at home.  If you’d like to share writing with me to review, please share to: atallman@npsdnj.org

    I'll be sending you messages, updates, and assignments in Google Classroom on Tuesday and Thursday.  I'll also be posting them here - please click the + sign, and then click on the tab that corresponds to this week.  We'll meet on Fridays in Zoom.  5A will meet at 10:00 and 5T will meet at 10:30.

    Please use these time management tips to help you get through your assignments each week! Time Management Tips

    If you have a Lexia account, please keep up with your minutes!

    If you have any questions, email me! 

    ~Mrs. Tallman