• Partner activities are for you to do with your siblings or parents/guardian


    Inside Activities - 

    If you do not have a bean bag or soft ball - use a pair of socks rolled up or a small stuffed animal or a small package of tissues for some of these activities.


    Steal the bean bag - both people should be in a push up position facing each other with the bean bag placed in the middle at arms reach for both players.  You will need a third person to give the "GO" signal.   Each of the players should have their right hand on their back to begin the competition.  When they hear "GO", the first one to grab the bean bag wins.  You can play the best out of three rounds and can sometimes switch to the left hand on the back to begin.  Then, of course, let the person saying GO participate next - take turns.    If you do not have a bean bag, you can use a pair of socks rolled up, a small stuffed animal, a small package of tissues.  (working on upper body strength and endurance)


    Push up hockey -   One partner in the push up position with something that can slide across the floor (a bean bag, a small package of tissues in plastic).  If you are on a rug use a soft ball.  The other person in a table top position (on all fours) with hands apart.  You can choose the distance apart that will challenge you.   The person in the push up position with the bean bag gets the chance to slide the bean bag across and through the hands of the other person in the table top position.  If it goes in he/she gets a point.  Then you change body positions and the other person gets an opportunity.  Continue to play until someone gets a designated score.  (Working on upper body strength and endurance)


    Volley a balloon -  If you do not have a latex allergy and have a balloon this could be fun for you and a partner.   Blow up the balloon and tap the balloon back and forth so that it doesn't fall to the ground.   See how many volleys you and your partner can do in a row without it falling.   Challenge yourself to get better each time you do it!!! (working on your volleying skills)


    ABC push ups -  Facing your partner in a push up position, extend your right hand out to your partner and tap their hand and say "A", then the left hand and say "B", then continue alternating hands until you get to "Z".  (working on your upperbody strength and endurance)


    Partner sit ups - sitting feet to feet, each person will touch their knees, then fist pump their partner, then touch knees and go all the way until his/her back contacts the floor.  Challenge yourself to see how many you and your partner can do. (working on your abdominal strength and endurance)


    Throw and catch - with permission from your guardian and in a safe space - throw and catch a soft ball or even a stuffed animal with a partner.   Work on stepping with the opposite foot.  You can throw underhand or overhand.   (working on your throwing and catching skills)


    Roll for points -   one partner is standing with feet shoulder width apart.  The other person has a soft ball to roll throw the legs of the other person.  Each ball that goes through the legs is a point.  Then switch positions.  Make sure when you roll to have your opposite foot forward.  (working on rolling skills)


    Throw for points - one partner will be standing with his/her fingers linked together in front of them - making a basket.  The other person will throw a soft ball or object and try to get it in the arms of the other person.  Each ball that goes  in is a point.  Switch positions.   If you have a small laundry basket - you can set a shooting line and both take chances to try to get the ball in the basket.(working on throwing for accuracy)


    Plank challenge  - Challenge a partner to a plank competition.  Plank position is on your elbows and toes (almost like a push up but instead elbows are down with hands together in front).  See who can hold it the longest.   OR - Can you do it each time a commercial comes on when you are watching a television show??!! (strengthening your core/abdomen)


    Back to back twisters -   Sitting on the floor back to back with a partner pass a ball to one side of your body to the other person who you are back to back with.  Continue in one direction for an amount (20) and then go in the reverse direction.   This is working your obliques which is the side of your abdomen.


    Here are a few partner workout videos you can try as well - just click on the blue ...

     partner workout videos


    Outside Activities -

    You may have the opportunity to go outside.  If you do and have sports equipment you can jump rope, dribble a basketball, dribble a soccer ball,  throw and catch with a partner, play handball with a partner, shoot baskets or play one on one.


    Catch up run  - If you have space to run in your backyard - Partners begin together one walking (stand behind) the other running (both in the same direction - set a course or large circle).  When the runner catches up to the walker, the runner tags the walker with two fingers on his/her back or shoulder and they switch positions.  Try to build up your cardio-respiratory endurance - partner can help each other out.

    Bounce Ball -  If you have a hula hoop and a small ball that bounces.  Place the hula hoop on the ground between two people.  Each person takes 3 steps backward.  Rock , paper, scissor to decide who starts the game.  The first person throws the ball in the hula hoop.  If they hit the hula hoop or misses it, the other person gets a point.  If it bounces in and the other person doesn't catch it , it is a point for the thrower.  You should set a back boundary or if the ball is bounced over the catchers head -it is their point. This goes back and forth until someone reaches a certain amount of points (you can play to a number you both decided on).  The game can be more challenging - if you step back farther.  If you do not have a hula hoop, you can draw a circle on the ground with chalk.  The smaller the circle the harder the game.


    HERE IS AN IDEA FOR THE PARENTS/GUARDIANS/OLDER SIBLINGS (who celebrated Easter and have plastic eggs) TRY EGGCERCISE!! Fill the plastic eggs with different exercise notes (examples - 5 jumping jacks, 20 second plank, 10 star jumps, 10 ski jumps, 5 push ups, 5 sit ups, 5 burpees, etc.). When they find an egg they must do the exercise before they can hunt for another. Once they have found a certain number of eggs - they can receive a reward (chocolate, crackers, an hour of youtube, etc. - whatever motivates them or you want to give). If you have more than one child make it a team effort (example of exercises for partners or teams - ABC push-ups, 10 partner sit-ups, team jumping jacks, wheelbarrel walk to next egg, team burpees, who can plank the longest, etc.) Have fun with it!! p.s. - if you do it I would love to see pictures!!