• *BSI Reading Group Online Classwork: The following work is for students I service in a small Basic Skills Group in my classroom three times a week.  All other second grade students, please refer to your classroom teacher page for reading activities.


    Video Tips for Parents

    If anyone is having trouble accessing abcya for sight word bingo or submarine spelling practice, please utilize the following link for Spelling City Missing Letter Game


    Week 1: Week of March 16, 2020

    2J Monday, 2R Wednesday, 2OG Monday:

    • Watch Word Study Videos on Short Vowel Protectors (ck, dge, tch, FZSL)
    • Log onto Lexia for 25 minutes
    • Play Sight Word Bingo on abcya.com
    • Complete 2 Word Builder Pages in your packet. Word Builder Directions Here

    2J Tuesday, 2R Thursday, 2OG Wednesday: 

    • Log onto Razkids.  Listen, Read and take a Quiz for one book
    • Write three or four sentences about the book including the beginning, middle and end. Paper provided in packet. Check for COPS!
    • Complete the next 2 Word Builder Pages in your packet.

    2J Friday, 2R Friday, 2 OG Thursday: 

    • Watch Word Study Videos on Open, Closed Syllables and magic E
    • Log onto Lexia for the rest of your minutes this week
    • Log onto ABCYA.com and play Submarine Spelling Practice
    • Complete the last word builder page in your packet