• This year we will explore phenomanon across a variety of scientific disciplines.  Huh?  What does that even mean, Ms. K.?!  Glad you asked.  We will be learning about big picture, scientific concepts that scientists believe to be true that explain the world.  These ideas fall under three main categories: life science, physical science, and earth science.  Here are some of the questions that we will answer this year.


    Life Science

    • How do the structures of organisms enable life's functions?
    • How does the type of reproduction affect the success of a species?
    • How do organisms obtain and use matter and energy?
    • Will Dr. Roder's children inherit his disease?
    • How are the characteristics from one generation related to the previous generation?


    Physical Science

    • What is the reddish-brown substance in the water?
    • How do new substances form?
    • How can you tell what the molecules are doing in a substance?
    • How can properties of substances be used to help us do a job?


    Earth Science

    • Why do the lithospheric plates move and how do they shape the surface of Earth?
    • How do the materials in and on Earth’s crust change over time? What drives the cycling of Earth’s materials?