High School Open House Presentations - October 26, 2023

    Schedule Change Policy

    Requests for schedule changes will be approved only in cases of unique and significant circumstances. Courses will not be dropped to accommodate a student’s personal preference or convenience.  A student who receives their first choice or alternate electives will remain in the assigned class. Schedule changes may be requested for the following reasons during the first five days of school:

    1. Student is not scheduled for a sufficient number of credits (35.00 credits required; 40.00 credits recommended).
    2. Student’s post-secondary plans have changed, e.g., from vocational planning to college preparatory or vice-versa.

    An intra-departmental change may be warranted for students who are failing a course (i.e., a change from an honors/AP to a college prep or remedial section within the same subject area). This change is made two times only during the school year: 

    1. During the first 15 days of school, not including weekends (request must be made by the end of the 15th school day); or
    2. At the end of the first marking period.

    No schedule change will be effected on parental request only. Input from the teacher may be considered.  When it is determined that the educational needs of the student can best be met by means of a schedule change, approval of the Parent/Guardian, School Counselor, Director of School Counseling, and Principal are required.

    Any adjustment in a student’s schedule is contingent upon class enrollment and the availability of another course during the same period as the course dropped or during the period of a study hall. In cases where a schedule change is made in an academic course level (i.e., honors to regular level) the grade point average calculation will be based on the course where the student completes the semester/year.

    The Counseling Department will begin to send senior transcripts, upon request,  after day five of the school year. Changes to senior year course selections after applications/transcripts have been submitted and/or acceptances are received may affect admission offers by colleges and universities.  If transcripts have been submitted, before making any schedule changes, seniors must contact each school’s admission office directly to discuss the potential implications, and receive in writing (email) a response indicating that they have received the change and/or it won’t affect the admissions decision. Note that this is a separate task from the NPHS Counseling Department’s process to have a course dropped, and that any schedule changes will delay the sending or re-sending of transcripts.  Consult your counselor throughout this process. 

Last Modified on October 27, 2023