• Grades K to 3rd

    (S = Secure/3; D = Developing/2; B = Beginning/1)




     Preparation:Students at these grade levels are only required to wear sneaker on days they have Physical Education
    PE Scale for the Number of Times a Student is Unprepared during the a Tri-mester
    0 to 2 = Secure
    3 to 4 = Developing
    5 or more = Beginner
    Skill Development: The Most Important Life Skill is LISTENING/FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS


    Demonstrates developmentally appropriate form when using skills during all activities



     Knowledge: Student will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:
    Demonstrate an Understanding of Various Movement Skills
    Demonstrate an Understanding Safety Procedures
    Demonstrate an Understanding of Rules for Class and Activities
    Demonstrate an Understanding of Acceptable Personal, Responsible and Social Behavior 
    Demonstrate an Understanding of Basic Movement Concepts and Transfer them from one Activity to Another.


    Demonstrates The Following:Fair Play/Good Sportsmanship / Good Manners / Teamwork  & Cooperation

    Demonstrates the Safety Skills with Others and while using any equipment.