What are essential questions?

    1-Essential Questions derive from the benchmarks and Grade-Level Expectations, and frame teaching and learning.

    2-They point toward key issues and ideas, suggesting meaningful and provocative inquiry into the content.

    3-Essential Questions have more than one answer. They promote analysis, stimulate thought, and spark additional questions.

    4-They set the stage for higher-order thinking and problem-based learning that promote the transfer of knowledge to new situations.



    What essential questions look like in Physical Education...

    How does sportsmanship carry over into everyday life?

    How do your choices of physical activities and food affect your fitness levels and health goals?

    Can you identify a situation when you made a decision that positively impacted your health?

    How will physical activity help me now and in the future?


    For Example

    Unit 1- Throwing and Catching

    What are the skills and techniques necessary to successfully throw and catch?

    How do the skills of throwing and catching enhance success in team sports?

    Why is it important to step with the opposite foot?