You Visit is a website that allows you to visit 600+ schools virtually, either via a 360 degree experience (with narration), or via Virtual Reality if you have a headset.


    Juniors and Seniors are eligible to attend College Rep visits to NPHS.  Please visit Naviance for a list of representatives visiting our school.  To sign up for college visits at NPHS you must login to Naviance and follow these directions:

    1. Scroll down to “What’s New” at the bottom of your Naviance homepage (click “See More” for all visits).
    2. Click on “Sign Up” to register.  You must register at least three days before the visit.
    3. Ask the teacher of the class you’ll be missing if you may attend the visit.  
      • If he/she says no, please log back on and cancel your registration to the visit, and email your counselor to ask her to let the rep know you were interested in attending but could not miss class (and don’t worry-- the college reps would rather you not miss an important lesson or a test!).
      • If he/she says yes, you will get a pass on the morning of the visit from your first block teacher.  At the beginning of the period of the visit, go to class and have your teacher sign the pass before reporting to the Counseling Office.  Students who do not bring a signed pass will not be permitted to stay.   

    Your teachers have the discretion to determine whether you may attend the visit or if they need you to remain in class.  Under no circumstances should you be missing presentations, quizzes, or tests for college rep visits. Please see your school counselor should you have any questions.


    Our college fair is held annually in March.  Additional information will be posted on the homepage as the time nears.  In the interim, take a look at these tips for Making the Most of a College Fair.


    Any college open houses we receive information for will be posted on the calendar on the Counseling Department Homepage.  The New Jersey School Counseling Association also maintains a list of open houses in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Last Modified on September 12, 2019