• Board of Education Contact Information


    Central Office Administration

    Superintendent, Dr. David M. Miceli - dmiceli@npsdnj.org
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Lauren Zirpoli - lzirpoli@npsdnj.org
    School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, James E. Testa - jtesta@npsdnj.org
    Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Supervision, Jay Richter - jrichter@npsdnj.org
    Director of Special Services, Dr. Joseph Harvey - jharvey@npsdnj.org
    Board of Education Members
    Board President, Mary Misiukiewicz - mmisiukiewicz@npsdnj.org
    Vice President, Bernadette Cuccaro - bcuccaro@npsdnj.org
    Rebecca Coniglio - rconiglio@npsdnj.org
    Stacey Gunderman - sgunderman@npsdnj.org
    Jennifer Killea - jkillea@npsdnj.org
    Amanda Marano - amarano@npsdnj.org
    Joseph F. Walsh - jwalsh@npsdnj.org
Last Modified on January 10, 2022