•  Conversation club:   Monday,  at 2:00 PM on Zoom

    Tuesday-Friday, June 9-12

    Use this time to read a RAZ book every day, and to use Lexia.


    Monday, June 8

    Today is our final conversation club.  We will read the book, The Disappearing Moon, share a treat and do a fun craft. 

    See you there!


    Friday, June 5

    Conversation club today: we will read together and discuss this book,  The Disappearing Moon.  

    You will need a second device for Kahoot.


    Wednesday and Thursday, June 3 & 4

    Review the words for shapes.  Highlights Big Book: pages 134-143

    Tuesday,  June 2

    I enjoyed assembling the airplanes with you on Zoom yesterday!  I enjoyed seeing your happy faces!

    Today's assignment: Highlights Big Book:  pages 126-129


     Monday, June 1

    Read or listen to the RAZ-Kids book:  On the Moon   Take the quiz. Fill out this worksheet by reading the sentences and then selecting the antonym (opposite) word from the word bank.


    Tuesday, June 2

    Enjoy the Reading Rainbow show about a woman who wants to live someplace else.  

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    username: sb1

    password: safari