• Pages 40-60 -Discussion Questions

    Discuss each question as a group. Then, independently write an answer to the question, using text evidence to support your answer or opinion and write it down. Each response should include evidence.

    1.Who is Herr Vinke? Think of two adjectives that describe him and use instances in the text to support your answer. Does Helmuth respect him? Yes or no? What kind of teacher is he?

    2. How has Helmuth’s life changed now that Mutti is dating Hugo Hubener? How has Mutti’s personality changed when it comes to how she raises her boys? Use at least one example from the text to support your answer.

    3. On page 55, Helmuth tells Rudi that he has joined the Hitler Youth. What is Rudi’s reaction? Why does Helmuth say he joined and why is that ironic? Include text evidence to support your answer.

    4. What do the Gestapo suspect Rudi of doing when they find his Lord Lister detective card and interrogate him? How does this instance in the text prove that the environment is Germany has changed? Describe Helmuth’s reaction. How do you think this might foreshadow events to come?

    5. On page 44, Herr Vinke discusses a painting with the boys that he feels shows what it means to be a good German. Re-read the exchange between them. Why is Helmuth confused by the meaning of the painting? Why is Helmuth not comfortable with putting “self-sacrifice and loyalty ahead of all interests?”

    Pages 20-40 Journal - To be completed in your writer’s notebook, due Monday

    • Write a response that analyzes and describes Helmuth as a character based on what you have read so far. Use instances or quotes from the text to support your analysis of him as a person. (Please discuss two adjectives or two things about him and use the text to support your thoughts)
    • Do you admire him for the things he says or does or do you think that some of his actions and words show he is foolish?

    You must write at least two paragraphs (8-10 sentences EACH)