FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

    When will student school loaned iPads be reset?

    The technology department will reset your school loaned iPad at the end of midterms, Monday, January 30th, at 4:00 pm. Your iPad will automatically reset at that time.

    Why are student loaned iPads being restricted from the App Store?

    As we continue with our initiative, we have found that apps not identified for classroom instruction can pose a distraction for some students during instructional time. While there may be benefits of students interacting with both “social media”, “entertainment”, and “gaming” apps, we are taking the opportunity to pilot a six month hiatus from allowing these apps on student iPads.

    We have surveyed the related stakeholders of the initiative: parents, teachers and students. The results of the survey were predictable. Teachers want students to be limited in their choices of apps during instructional time; Students want to continue to be able to have open access to the iPad App Store; and Parents overwhelmingly expressed that the iPad has been advantageous to their child’s education and favored to remove the ability for students to access the Apple App Store on their child’s school issued iPad.

    As a result of the responses, after January midterms this school year, we will pilot a “lockdown” of the App Store on all student iPads in grades 9-12. This means that students will only be allowed to install apps from the high school approved list. Student iPads will be reset and only school approved apps will be able to be re-downloaded by students. In keeping with our commitment to allow students to contribute to their own personalized learning, we will allow students to submit app requests for approval to be added to the school approved app list.  

    How do I backup my data before my iPad is reset?

    The technology department has provided videos on backing up data on your iPad. Please view these videos and backup your data frequently. Click here to access videos on how to backup data.  If you need assistance on how to backup data on your iPad, please stop by the Media Center to see Mr. Paris, or stop by the Department Head Office to see Mrs. Andersen.

    What should I do when my iPad is reset?

    When your iPad is reset you will have to go through the setup process again from beginning to end. Click here to see directions on the steps to reset your iPad

    Will I need to reconnect to my WiFi at home?

    Yes. During the setup process to reset your iPad, you will be prompted to reconnect to your home WiFi connection. Make sure you know the WiFi network name and password.

    What WiFi connection will I have at school? Will I have to reconnect when I return to school?

    When your iPad is reset, the wifi settings will  automatically connect to the school WiFi network when you return to school. You will not need to manually connect to the school WiFi network.

    What should I do after I complete the steps to setup up my iPad?

    After you complete the setup process, you will reinstall school apps on your iPad. There are two ways that your iPad will install Apps.

    1. First, the technology department will auto install the apps that every student needs at New Providence High School. Apps such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Notability, Socrative, TestNav, etc. Please leave your iPad on so that these required Apps can Auto Install properly. Click here to see the list of Apps that will auto install on your iPad.
    2. Second, you will need to choose the remaining Apps that you need for your specific classes. After the Auto Install Apps are completely installed, you will use the Self-Service App on your iPad to choose the apps to install that you need for your individual classes. Click here to seethe list of Apps that will be available for your classes in Self-Service.  
    What is the Self-Service App and how does it work?

    The Self Service App is on your iPad and you will use it to reinstall apps for your individual classes. When you open the Self-Service App you will see subject area folders. Open each subject area folder to locate the app you need for a specific class. Tap on each individual app you need to install on your iPad.

    What if there is an app I need for a class and it is not in Self-Service?

    If there is an app that your teacher is requesting that you have and it is not in the subject area folders, please email your teacher with the name of the app. The teacher will have to submit the app used in the classroom to the technology department so that it can be added to the subject area apps in Self-Service.

    Why aren’t games/social media apps available in Self-Service? How will I install my personal apps again if there is no App store?

    1. Games and Social Media Apps not approved by the district will not be allowed on your school loaned iPad. Apps such as NetFlix, Snapchat, Instagram, Xfinity TV, etc., will not be available in Self-Service unless assigned by a teacher.

    2. If you would like to request an app that you need for education, you will be allowed to submit the App for review. If approved it will be added to the Self-Service App.

    What apps will Auto Install?

    Click here to see the apps that will auto install on your iPad.

    What apps will I need to choose in Self-Service to install?

    Because every student does not need every App available in the App Store, students must download each App needed for your individual classes. Please do not install all the apps at once. Install no more than one or two apps at a time for the best performance to complete this process.

    Will all the apps I need for class be in Self-Service?

    Yes. The technology department has provided a survey to teacher to provide apps needed for every class. Textbook Apps, Online Latin Apps, Financial Literacy Apps and iBooks are all included in Self-Service. If for any reason an App that you need for class is not available, please email the teacher who requires the app. The teacher will email the technology department and the app will be available in Self-Service as soon as possible.

    How do I access the files I had on my iPad after my iPad is reset?

    After your iPads are reset and your apps are re-installed, you will need to access your data that you have uploaded to Google Drive to re-download to your iPad.

    How do I get the notes that I need back into Notability?

    The technology department provided videos on 2 ways to back up notes in Notability.

    1. If you backed up your notes in Google Drive, you will need to re-download each note/file and place it back into the subjects in Notability.

    2. If you backed up your notes in iCloud, you will need to turn on iCloud in the settings of Notability. All of your notes should return and they will return in your subject areas automatically.

    If I need an app for school that the school doesn’t offer, how can I get it on my iPad?

    If you would like to propose an App to be added to the Self-Service App, please click here to complete the Student App Request Form. The App will be reviewed by teachers and administrators. If approved, we will make the App available in the Self-Service App on your iPad.

    What if I still have to make-up a midterm after iPads are wiped?

    The main office will notify the technology department of any student who is still taking midterms. iPads will not be reset if a student is making up a midterm. However, immediately after completing makeup midterms, your iPad will be reset.

    Where do I go if I need help?

    If you need help with your resetting your iPad, installing Apps, finding your backup data, or anything else related to your iPad please stop by the media center to see Mr. Paris, or stop by the Department Head Office to see Mrs. Andersen.

    Do you have any other questions?

    If you have any additional questions, please email questions to Mrs. Andersen at sandersen@npsdnj.org.