• New Providence School District 


    Parents/guardians can help manage a crisis situation by following these guidelines:

    1. Do not telephone the school. Telephone lines must remain open for emergency communication. 
    2. Do not attempt to call your child via cell phone. In the event of a bomb threat, cell phone use is strictly prohibited as a precautionary measure in the event that an actual explosive device exists.
    3. Do not go to the school, or evacuation site, until notified to do so, as this will impede the ability of our Emergency Services personnel to respond to the situation.
    4. In the event of a serious emergency, students will be kept at their schools, or evacuated to an alternate site. Students will be released in accordance with the information you have provided on InfoSnap.  This information must be updated by parents at the beginning of every school year.  Please be sure you consider the following criteria when you authorize another person to pick up your child at school:
      • He/she is 18 years of age or older.
      • He/she is usually home during the day.
      • He/she could walk to school, if necessary.
      • He/she is known by your child.
      • He/she is both aware and able to assume this responsibility.
    5. Should an emergency situation occur, all parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible via the Emergency Telephone Calling System and through the district App. You may also check the district website npsd.k12.nj.us as well as NPTV.  
    6. If your child requires daily medication, or emergency medication for allergic reactions or asthma, please provide the school nurse with a two or three day supply. Be sure the medication has not expired.  Replace it as required.
    7. Impress upon your children the need for them to follow directions of any school personnel in times of an emergency

     Superintendent's School Security Letter - September 2019