Students are required to stay at school for a supervised lunch period.  They may bring a bag lunch or purchase a well-balanced meal from a selection of hot/cold foods, a variety of snack foods are available, and lunch menus are available on the district website.
Cash, or an electronic debit account (Point of Sale, “POS”), paid for by cash or check in the cafeteria (made out to the New Providence Board of Education), may be used to purchase lunch.
Online Lunch Payments
The district has also implemented the internet payment system, payforit.net. 
This system allows parents to pay for their children’s lunch with a credit card, to receive emails detailing the account balance, to receive information on the items purchased for lunch, and notification if their balance is low.  In addition, there is an auto-replenishment option for a fee of 4.75%, which is paid by parents at the time money is deposited into the student’s account. 
Parents are encouraged to set up an electronic debit account through the cafeteria. If a student forgets to bring lunch he/she may go to the Middle School Main Office and call home to have a lunch dropped off.
Please Note:  Credit and/or lunch passes will not be provided to students who forget lunch.  


Last Modified on July 30, 2013