2016-2017 Monthly Character Education/Spirit Days 
At AWR, we will have monthly Character Education/Spirit Days!
Here are the fun themes for each month for the 2016-2017 school year.
Please note that the actual dates will be determined at a later time.
An email will be sent out in advance to inform you of the Spirit Day date each month. 
November: “PRIDE DAY” (Putting Respect and Responsibility into Daily Events”). 

Each grade level will be assigned a color to represent a characteristic of a person who is being "Today's H.E.R.O". 

Pre-K and Kindergarten = wear RED to represent "caring".
1st and 2nd grade = wear GREEN to represent "responsibility".
3rd and 4th grade = wear YELLOW to represent "respect".
5th and 6th = wear BLUE to represent "honesty". 
December: "Career Day" - dress up on Friday, December 16th as what you want to be when you grow up! 
January: "Fandom Day" - on Friday, January 20th dress up as or wear clothing to advertise/represent a famous person you admire. (Ex: music artist/band, actor/actress in movies or TV, college or professional athlete, Disney character etc...)
February:  "AWR PRIDE Day" - on Friday, February 10th show your AWR PRIDE by wearing blue and yellow and/or your AWR shirt!
              "Holiday Day" - on Thursday, February 16th dress up as your favorite holiday, no matter the time of year!
March: "Mismatch Day" - come to school dressed in wild colors, mismatched shoes, different color socks and different patterned clothing that clash...have fun with this and be creative!
April: "Around the World Day" - express your heritage and culture through clothing or accessories. April is "Celebrate Diversity Month".
May: "Crazy Hair/Hat Day" - come to school with crazy hair or a crazy hat...or both!
June: "Neon Day" - everyone can dress up in his or her favorite bright color(s).  
 pride day  
 P.R.I.D.E Day!
career              career 2
   Career Day! 
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